Learn how to make games

Apart from playing and creating games, you can also learn how to create games here at Nilwen.

The educational material here at Nilwen consists of a set of short and sweet lessons, each teaching you a vital game development concept at a time.

You will be guided from lesson to lesson. Gradually building your understanding.

And before you know it. Boom! You know how to make games.

You'll be able to test out the things you've learned right away via interactive sandboxes.

Well, what are you waiting for? Let's get cracking!

Select an appropriate starting point lesson from below.

Starting point lessons

These lessons will provide you with starting points.

Select a starting point lesson that suits you.

Lessons on how to create and publish games here at Nilwen

It is really simple to create and publish game here at Nilwen.

These lesson will teach you how it is done.

Lessons on fundamental programming concepts

The first step to become a programmer of games is to learn how to program.

These lessons will teach you the fundamentals of programming.

Lessons on foundations

A foundation is what you build your game upon.

These lessons teach you about the available foundations.

Lessons on JavaScript

JavaScript is the programming language that is used here at Nilwen to create games.

These lessons will teach you the things you need to know about JavaScript.

Lessons on general stuff

There are some things that is very useful to know about for a game developer.

These lessons will teach you about these kind of things.

Lessons on how to get things done

To become a great creator of games, you must first master the art of project management.

These lesson will teach you how to overcome common traps and obstacles in game development projects.

Lessons on components

Some components are used by more than one foundations.

These lessons will teach you about these components.

Lessons on game coding concepts

All areas of programming have their own special requirements.

These lessons will teach you about concepts specific to game programming.